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In  Ayurveda Thyroid Gland is named as “ Galaganda” , characterized by the swelling of neck. In Atharva Veda it is mentioned as Apachi. Charaka described it under 20 Sleshma Vikara. Shuhruta mentioned it in Sareera Sthana as the seven layers of the skin , the sixth layer Rohini is the seat of Galaganda. Nidana Sthana described it as two encapsulated small or big swellings in the anterior angle of the neck.

According to Ayurveda the Thyroid is located in the 6th tissue level which is called Majjadhatu. Majja is controlled by kapha dosha. Ayurveda principles says thyroid functions are controlled by Pitta Dosha. Pitta is responsible for all the metabolic actions carried out by the thyroid gland.

The dietary conditions , water , climatic conditions are the main causes of the Thyroid Dysfunctioning.  The over functioning of the Thyroid gland is “ Hyperthyroidism” or Thyrotoxicosis while low functioning is “ Hypothyroidism “ or Myxodema. According to the descriptions in Ayurveda Galaganda is a  condition related to thyroid gland. Either it is Hypo or Hyper.

Ayurveda doesn’t emphasize the exactly name the disease rather it insists on diagnosis of the constitutional status of the disease mentioned in Charaka.


GALAGANDA   is of following types according to Ayurveda

Vata Galanagda

1.Krishna  siravnaddha – Visible blue Black veins

2. Shayava/Arun – Ble – Black discolouration

3. Parush – hard and dry

4.  Chira Vriddha – Zsustained Swelling

5. Talu Gala Prasshosha – Dryness in Mouth

Kapha Galanagda

  • Sawarna – No Discolouration
  • Sthira – Stable
  • Ugra Kandu – Itching
  • Shita- Cold
  • Chirabhivriddha – Slow Progress
  • Guru – Heavy


Medoj Galaganda

1.It is not a swelling of thyroid but it looks like

2. Dehanurup Kshaya Vriddhi – Increses and Decreases as the body status.

3. Alpa Mulo – small Stalk

4. It looks like a fat collection or a lipoma at neck


1.Oral Herbal Preparations

2. Panchakarma Therapies

3. Nasya



Is very effective in most of the patients with thyroid dysfunctioning.

If we see the logical principles of Ayurveda , it is very hard to treat 6th dhatu with food and herb as 6th dhatu is the deep tissue of the body. Majja dhatu can be modified through herbs and food only when the metabolism of the previous five dhatus or tissues are functioning well and correctly. If the first five dhatus are not functionally well then it is very hard for the food and herbs to modify the functioning of the Majja dhatu. So in these conditions some Patients needs Panchakarma Therapies .

In most of the cases we give Oral Herbal mixtures which are made of high standard Extracts which modify the previous five tissues slowly and corrects the metabolism of the all tissues including 6th dhatu – Majja.

By applying these principles many of the patients becomes asymptomatic after few months. Clinically we have seen that different patients have the different response to the medications, some feel early relief and some late , on an average we have seen good results in six months of medications. After that we decide further. Some patients needs long term medications up to two years.

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