Best ayurvedic psoriasis treatment to heal your savior condition…. 

ayurvedic psoriasis treatment

Best ayurvedic psoriasis treatment to heal your savior condition…. 

Psoriasis facts and myths, facts about psoriasis disease, facts and figures about psoriasis

Ayurvedic psoriasis treatment The most attractive body part is the skin. However, several skin conditions damage its appearance. Our beautiful skin is severely affected by conditions classified as skin illnesses, including vitiligo, acne, mucormycosis, melasma, pigmentation, auto immune disorders, etc. Psoriasis, a skin condition that irritates the skin and also causes skin irritation, is one of these skin illnesses.

There are about 125 million such people in the whole world, who are suffering from psoriasis. There are 2 to 3 percent of people in the whole world who have symptoms of psoriasis. Psoriasis is also seen in young men and women between the ages of 20 and 25. 

Let’s flashlight toward our first point: 

What exactly is psoriasis? 

Psoriasis Treatment This is having an increasing impact on people. T lymphocytes, which are immune system cells, and some of the interleukins they release are what cause psoriasis. A substantial part of these disorders and diseases is played by genetic factors. 

Psoriasis is an autoimmune condition that primarily affects adults and has no relation to age. Dermatologists link stress, diabetes, and heart disease to this condition. This disease’s true origin is still unknown by modern science. 

However, according to Ayurveda, the body’s weakened immune system “Oja” is thought to be the primary cause of this illness. Because the initial bacterial attack on our skin happens when the body’s immunity deteriorates. This illness exhibits extremely severe symptoms.

How did you come to know that you are suffering from Psoriasis? 

Here are some symptoms of psoriasis: 

For instance, some people have issues with sunlight, some people have issues with rainwater, and some people have the biggest issues during the winter. Some psoriasis symptoms are universal, while others are specific to each person. 

Generally speaking, there are a few of these signs that can be used to identify them. that psoriasis is the cause of this issue. The following lists these key traits. However, some symptoms are dependent on the patient’s personality.

Ayurvedic psoriasis treatment
  • Red rashes are formed on the skin.
  • A thick layer of white color starts to accumulate in the body.
  • These rashes are open and redness starts to occur.
  • These red-colored rashes mostly occur on the outer parts of the scalp, trunk, knees and elbows.
  • Where there is psoriasis, there is mild inflammation, pain along with itching.
  • Psoriasis affects the skin, joints as well as the nails.
  • Dryness comes to the skin. Due to this cracks start to appear in the skin.
  • The skin starts peeling.
  • The thickness of the skin starts decreasing and lesions become more thick.

 Is Psoriasis Infectious Or Contagious?

Psoriasis is not a contagious illness, according to all of the research and studies that have been done on it to date. It cannot be spread by coming into contact with an individual who has it. Psoriasis Treatment This illness develops when the immune system is compromised. By getting up, sitting, eating, and dating someone who has psoriasis, this disease cannot be shared.

When do psoriasis sufferers experience the most pain?

Until the illness is cured, that is. Everyone has troubles up until that point, but during specific seasons, psoriasis patients must deal with issues.

  • Patients with psoriasis endure extra discomfort in the winter.
  • When you’re more stressed out. Your rashes then begin to burn.
  • If the skin is peeled due to injury, then there is a lot of trouble.
  • There is a risk of infection due to the consumption of some medicines.
  • If you smoke and consume alcohol, you can still have problems.

Here are myths,  Facts, and figures about psoriasis


  • An itchy scalp can be relieved with external use of shampoos and lotions.
  • The chances of heart attack and risk increase in this situation. 
  • There should be a big no to alcohol and smoking. 


  • There’s probably no evidence that sweets increase the chances of psoriasis. 
  • It’s a myth that doing exercises makes the problem worse. 
  • It’s a myth that this problem affects the fertility of the family. 

best ayurvedic methods to heal your savior condition from psoriasis…

One such illness is psoriasis, which has an ayurvedic Psoriasis Treatment. Ayurveda offers effective treatment for those whose long-term care does not involve a physician but rather alternative medicine. Psoriasis symptoms have been proven to be improved by ayurvedic medications. Ayurvedic remedies are effective in reducing skin rashes. And these herbs are administered to prevent future psoriasis symptoms. 

For psoriasis patients receiving Ayurvedic psoriasis treatment, the cleanliness of the body is stressed. Because psoriasis can be stopped in its tracks if your body is kept tidy and clean. According to Dr. Amit Dutta, people with psoriasis should eat a balanced diet that is rich in nutrients. You ought to make routine improvements. Life should not be permitted to be stressful.

Ayurveda is hope for psoriasis treatment: 

Ayurveda has the same opinion regarding psoriasis and other diseases, that one should first improve one’s diet and pay attention to the early symptoms. Only then can the disease be controlled at the earliest.

Best ayurvedic psoriasis treatment

What diet should a Psoriasis patient follow? 

You are advised to have a balanced and nutritious diet. In which you can include fruits along with moong dal, lentils, and all kinds of green vegetables. Ayurvedic Psoriasis Treatment Psoriasis patients should use ajwain, fennel, asafetida, black salt, cumin, garlic, and warm water in their dietary supplements.

Note: When you contact an Ayurvedic specialist and utilize Ayurvedic herbal remedies for psoriasis, be sure to mention any pharmaceutical prescriptions you are taking to the doctor because some of them may be contributing to the problem or may interact with the Ayurvedic therapies. 

There are some foods that psoriasis patients should avoid, due to which you get relief in this merge:

  • Patients with psoriasis should stay away from some meals, which will help them feel better in this merge:
  • New cereals shouldn’t be eaten. Avoid eating foods like maida, gram, peas, urad dal, etc.
  • Citrus fruit eating in excess should be discouraged.
  • Less of the following vegetables should be consumed: mustard, tomato, brinjal, and tuber.
  • Curd, milk, and cold beverages should all be avoided if at all feasible.
  • Non-vegetarian meals should also be avoided, as should greasy and spicy foods.

Best medication to cure prasosis: 

Psoriasis Kit Includes

Ingredients: 60. Cap. DERMATOX – HZ ,  60 Cap. LIV -O -LIV  60. Cap. SKIN RASAYAN  Psoraheb Cream Jar, Psoraheb  SHAMPOO  


  • Helps in speedy recovery
  • Helps to give you relief from severe pain and irritation. 
  • Help to cure your rash and spots. 

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