Pain During Sex(DYSPAREUNIA)




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About  Pain during Sex 
Every woman at some point in her life usually suffers the discomfort during sexual activities. If the discomfort is mild it should be ignored, but many suffer in silence for years because they’re embarrassed to ask for help or because they’ve been told it’s all in their heads. For many women, it is already hard enough to orgasm and enjoys sex but when intercourse becomes an experience of pain, sexual satisfaction becomes impossible. Many women don’t know what to do or say when they experience pain. While sexual pain can be a symptom of stress, depression, or some other psychological or functional problem, there are a number of physical conditions to be rule out.

There are a variety of reasons that intercourse pain occurs and it is normal that it might surface seemingly out of nowhere. All women who experience intercourse pain are highly advised to visit a professional to determine the cause and severity of the intercourse pain. Any of the following may describes your problem.

It’s a spasm of the vaginal muscles, caused mainly by fear of being hurt. This spasm is often so painful that intercourse is impossible – sometimes for years. Causes – painful vaginal infections, unease with the partner, childhood sexual abuse.

Pain during sex is the first sign of an infection in most of the cases. Vaginal yeast and bacterial infections can reduce lubrication and irritate the opening of the vagina, and will usually be accompanied by itching or an unusual discharge. A urinary tract infection will hurt most when you urinate but can also cause pain during sex because of the pressure on a tender, inflamed bladder. Abdominal pain with intercourse may be a symptom of the sexually transmitted disease chlamydia. Left untreated, chlamydia can lead to pelvic inflammatory disease, which causes inflammation and scarring that can make sex unbearable. Once diagnosed, most infections are easily treated with appropriate medication.

It is condition in which tissue from the lining of the uterus grows into areas outside of the uterus such as the vagina or pelvis where it becomes inflamed. More than half of these women report pain with intercourse. Endometriosis can usually be treated with drugs that temporarily suppress estrogen production. Using the woman-on-top position or limiting intercourse to the week or two after you menstruate may also minimize the discomfort.

Interstitial Cystitis
Another problem, which creates pain during sex, is interstitial cystitis. Experts don’t know what triggers this condition, in which your bladder becomes chronically inflamed, leading to severe pelvic pain that tends to worsen during sex. Like vulvodynia, this condition is difficult to diagnose and treat. Sufferers may find relief from one of a variety of treatments. The woman-on-top position may help you avoid the discomfort that comes with deep penetration.

A condition in which part of the vulva is chronically inflamed associated with burning pain at the opening of the vagina has made sex impossible, sometimes your doctor may not be find any cause, than you may have vulvodynia, No one knows how many women suffer from it or what first sets off the pain, which may be a constant torture or may flair up just during sexual activities.

The breastfeeding females and who are approaching menopause feel sexual discomfort may be due to hormonal changes. In both of the cases, falling estrogen levels can dry up your natural lubrication and make your vaginal tissue fragile. New moms may want to use a drugstore lubricant until their estrogen levels return to normal when they stop breastfeeding. Older women with this complaint may consider going on hormone replacement therapy. Ayurveda have many way out to overcome this problem.

Problems with your cervix
The man’s penis hits the cervix at maximum penetration. So infections of the cervix and ‘raw’ places on it can cause pain during deep penetration.

Womb trouble
Various womb disorders, including fibroids, can cause deep intercourse pain.

Ovary problems
Cysts on the ovary can cause deep pain. Pain may also be caused if the tip of the penis hits an unusually positioned ovary.

Ectopic pregnancy
This means a pregnancy outside the womb usually in the Fallopian tube. Pressure on it can be very painful.

Other causes may includes
Lack of lubrication
Menopausal or post-menopausal dryness
Injury to the vulva or vagina 
Vaginal infections 
Vulvitis: This means inflammation of the vulva
Urethral caruncle: This is a tender patch that develops at the urinary opening