The constitution of a person is called prakruti. It is determined at the time of conception. Ones’ body constitution remains unchanged throughout life. The term prakruti is derived from a Sanskrit word meaning creativity or the first creation. Prakruti or body constitution is the individual’s metabolic make up that helps in determining the effect of various stimuli on one’s mind and body. It is also known as inborn metabolic pattern related to our genetically inherited physical and emotional qualities. According to Ayurvedic concept each and every individual is born with a certain combination of principles or forces that determines our individuality.

There are various factors that influence the body constitution of an individual. These factors are :
State of doshas in the parent’s bodies during conception.
Mental state of the parent’s at the conception time.
Hereditary characteristics.
Diet routine and daily activities of the mother during pregnancy.
Condition of uterus during pregnancy.

The panchamahabhootas- air, fire, water, earth and space gives rise to three fundamental bioenergies known as the tridoshas- vata, pitta and kapha. The action of these tridoshas helps us to reproduce the cosmic forces in our bodies and also helps us to participate in the cosmic dance of creation, maintenance and destruction. Every individual is constituted of the three doshas, but each and every individual inherit these doshas in different proportions resulting in different body constitution.

According to the concept of Ayurveda there are seven body types :
Mono Types – (vata, pitta and kapha predominant)
Dual Types – (vata-pitta, pitta-kapha or kapha-vata)
Equal Types – (vata, pitta and kapha in equal proportions)

The effect of various diseases is based on the body constitution of an individual. Other than diseases, treatment of the various diseases, daily routine, health recipes and varies formulations also depends on the individual’s body constitution. To avoid any health related problem and to live a healthy life it is necessary to understand the body constitution. The exact diagnosis of any disease is very important to cure the disease from the roots.

The complete knowledge of an individual’s body constitution helps the physicians in the following instructions :

Prevention of diseases
Predictions of both simple and complex diseases
Effective treatments
Recovery capacity of an individual
Best dietary schedule
Formation of herbal formulations
Beneficial refreshing programs

Thus, according to Ayurveda prakruti is an innate character and physical constitution that plays an important role in understanding the physical and mental characteristics.