Dosha Imbalance


Each of the three doshas has certain quantity, qualities and functions. When all the doshas are in balance, it is known as normal or dosha shamya. The balance in the tridoshas is the way towards well-being, health and happiness. But this balance is not stable and keeps on changing continuously. The doshas either increases or decreases resulting in dosha imbalance. The imbalance in doshas leads to various health problems. Other than causing health problems, dosha imbalance has a negative effect on the mind and emotions. Negative emotions aggravate the dosha associated with them. There are two kinds of imbalances.

 Natural Imbalances
 Unnatural Imbalances

Natural imbalance is the one that occurs with the time and age. It does not cause and serious problem.All the three doshas increases and become predominant during a particular season and during certain times of a day. Inappropriate diet, inappropriate lifestyle, any trauma, viruses, bacterias and parasites can cause unnatural imbalance.


Increased VataDecreased Vata
Dry and rough skinDepression
Nervousness and sadnessDigestion problems
Fear, anxiety and grief 
Low vitality 
Impairment of sensory functions 
Loss of creativity 
Lack of communication 


Increased PittaDecreased Pitta
Acidity or burning sensationsIrregular bowel movements
FeverLoss of body heat
Excessive ThirstLoss of skin luster
Frustration, hate and jealousySore throat
Pride and angerConjunctivitis
Speech problems 


Increased PittaDecreased Pitta
ObesityBody aches
NauseaDryness of mouth
Excessive sleepThirst
Greed and unkindnessGiddiness
Lethargy and lack of interest 
Improper digestive function 
Boredom and carelessness 
Lack of compassion 
Mouth secretions