Pashat Karma


Pashat Karma or Sansarjan Karma or Post Cleansing Regimen
After the proper cleansing , for emesis, and purgation Since Vaman (emesis) and Virechan (purgation), tend to leave an impact on the internal lining of some parts of the digestive tract, a special dietary regimen is advised for seven days after completion of the main procedures. This specific diet is known as Sansarjan Krama.

In this regimen

For first three meals, it is advisable to take a liquid diet of bland warm porridge of rice with salt. The quantity of the porridge should be as per one’s appetite.

For next three meals, a semisolid paste of rice with small amounts of Ghrita, Ghee or oil is usually recommended.

For seventh, eighth and ninth meal, a Khichari (spiced lentils and rice) is given along with a bland soup of green grams.

For tenth, eleventh and twelfth meal, bland meat soup cooked by adding little amount of fats and salt is given along with fresh rice.

During these days, warm water should be drunk, along with food. From seventh day onwards, or from the thirteenth meal onwards, patient is gradually allowed to resume his normal diet. However, overeating and consumption of spicy and fried food should be avoided for at least one month after completion of the cleansing therapies.

Post cleansing regimen for nasal therapy and bloodletting
For the remaining two therapies, i.e., Nasya Karma (nasal therapy) and Rakta Mokshan (bloodletting), after properly completion of these two procedures, medicated cigars prepared from medicinal powders, are usually smoked; this procedure is known as Dhuma Pana.

Post cleansing regimen for medicated enema
Basti Karma (medicated enema) is advocated in various regimens such as Niruha Basti or Anuvasan Basti or different permutations and combinations of both the types depending upon the type, duration, and severity of the ailment. Generally Basti Karma is a long-term therapy; therefore, the rules of diet are not as rigidly applied. However, all the spicy, pungent and fried, oily, stale foods, and excessive eating should consciously be avoided during medicated enema therapy. Immediately after taking Niruha Basti, the patient should take a warm bath and rest. A light diet of boiled lentils and grams should be eaten and a routine for a specific period, known as Parihara Kaala should be followed. During this period it is advisable to avoid all physical as well as emotional tensions. Sunbathing should be strictly avoided. Anuvasan Basti is given in order to retain the enema material in the body. Therefore, sleeping for 7-8 hours in lateral position is advised, so as to allow the medicated oil or Ghrita to be absorbed in the body channels. Which is why Anuvasan Basti is generally employed at night, before sleeping.