Foetal Development


Ayurveda is the science, which deals in complete healthcare system having a traditional system of medicine. Ashtang Ayurveda deals with eight branches of Ayurvedic treatment and in that Prasutitantra i.e. the obstetrics and gynecology section form one of the main branch. The ayurvedic methods or practices, if followed during pregnancy, will lead to a complication-free delivery.

Ayurveda states the ideal guidelines to be followed during pregnancy. It states the ideal way and the right time of conceiving a baby. It is followed by the mode of life that needs to be followed religiously by the pregnant lady. Ayurved has suggested a very good protocol for that, which is called garbhini paricharya. It has given a detailed description of ahar (nutrition), vihar (life style) and vichar (thought process) to be followed during pregnancy. According to Ayurved, all these directly affect the mother as well as the child. Apart from this specific emphasis is given on the nutrition chart and medication to be followed during that time. Peadiatrics is another important branch in Ayurveda, which focuses on the care that needs to be taken after the birth of the baby. Information on what to feed and the right way of feeding the baby is provided in Ayurveda.

The various disorders and complications during pregnancy alongwith their treatment have also been highlighted. The ayurvedic herbs and foods help in promoting harmony of mind during menstrual problems, menopause, and hysterectomy and prevent abortion and infertility. Apart from this usage of proper contraceptives for a better sex life has also been provided. Garbhini Paricharya prescribes ahara (diet), vihara (lifestyle) and vichara (thought process) to be followed during pregnancy as these have a direct effect on the mother and the child. Of these, wholesome diet is given great importance as it aids foetal growth, maternal health and lactation after childbirth.Great care is also recommended during the first three months and after the completion of the seventh month of pregnancy.