Orgasm Difficulty



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In adult females, orgasm is defined as the peak of climax or sexual excitement in sexual activity. From many causes, Orgasm Difficulty may be physical or psychological. Almost one-third of women are likely to have problems with orgasm (reaching the peak of sexual arousal) and more than two-thirds of women have difficulty experiencing an orgasm when engaged in sexual activity with a partner (in particular, during intercourse).

Sexual dysfunction for a woman is just as devastating as it is for a man. Lowered sexual drive and the inability to have an orgasm can have a negative reaction to a woman’s sexual health.

Physical causes may includes :
– Inadequate stimulation, in competency with partner.
– Injury or accident, which affects genital receptiveness.
– Conditions, which interrupt nerve, supply to the genitals.

Psychological causes may includes :
– Stress, anxiety, depression
– Relationship problems
– Religious guilt associated with sex

Solution & Guideline Steps
Don’t think obsessively about having an orgasm – don’t set out in each and every sexual encounter to have an orgasm. Men should make sure they are doing enough to arouse – and to keep aroused – their partner. Couples should discuss what turns on each person.

Having sex when both partners are ready – tiredness, anger, illness are the factors which disturb the mood of sexual activities. Feeling of relaxation and comfortable will make the desires positive and will fully appreciate sexual intimacy with yourself or your partner.

Clitoral stimulation can be done by the woman herself or her partner – just by gently touching and stroking the clitoris before or during intercourse – this is a perfectly normal way of helping induce a woman’s orgasm.

The biggest barrier to orgasm for women is mental distraction – thoughts that float into her mind, catching her in her head, and taking her away from what’s going on in her body. As soon as she starts thinking, she is out of the moment and will lose touch with her senses and her pleasure. You can help your delectable partner move beyond these pleasure stifling attitudes by letting her know how much you respect, admire and cherish her fully female sensual self.

“For some women taking birth control pills can result in excessive progesterone in the uterus and vagina which dampens orgasm”.