Osteo arthritis is characterized by the degenerative changes in the joints, the membranes surrounding the joints and ends of the long bones. The process is generally irreversible. In other words, the degenerative changes are permanent, but further damage to the joints can be prevented if proper care and medicines are extended at the onset of disease.

Advanced age.
External injury to the joint can cause permanent damage to the joint and induce arthritis.
Exposure to severe cold, and dry weather.
In some cases, sports and vigorous exercises.

Pain and restriction in moving the affected joint.
In some cases, it is associated with redness, swelling, severe inflammation and increased heat in the affected area.
In some cases, a secondary infection sets in and signs like fever and severe tenderness in the affected join are also observed.

Hot fomentation on the affected area by infrared lamp or heated sandbag, immediately after massage with any oil.
A decoction of the roots of ten herbs (Dashamoola) in a 30-ml dosage, thrice, daily.
A decoction of the bark and roots of the Deodar tree in 30-ml dosage, thrice, daily.
A decoction of the roots of Castor plant in a 30-ml dosage, thrice, daily.
Castor oil in a 5-10-ml dosage, every morning.
Tablets prepared from three myrobalans (Triphala), long pepper and Gum guggul (Comiphora mukul) in 1-gm dosage, thrice, daily.
Tablets made of Gum guggul (Comiphora mukul) and Tinospora (Guduchi) in a 1-gm dosage, thrice, daily.
A decoction of Pluchea lanceolata (Rasna) in a 30-ml dosage, thrice daily.

Herbs can be used
A fomentation of basil and Steinklee should be applied on the affected area.

Do’s & Don’t
Stick to fresh, warm meals.
Take hot soups made with either lentils, pulses or meat and a dash of powdered ginger, black pepper and long pepper.
Avoid spicy, deeply fried, oily and pungent foods, as these tend to further damage the degenerated joints.
Include ghee and oils in a moderate quantity in meals, as these `lubricate’ the joints.