Penis Curvature


Some curve in your penis might be thinking unusual by a person. In fact, according to various surveys and statistics over 50 percent of men possess some degree of penis curvature. Everyone’s penis is shaped differently and a curve in any direction – left, right, up or down – is quite usual.

Penis curvature is characterized as an abnormal angulation of the erect penis (bent penis). Curvature of the penis alone is not harmful, but occasionally, severe bending would make intercourse difficult or impossible.


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Restricted Clothing Wear
When boys who wear tight underwear get erections, their penises are restricted from a normal outward growth. They often bend their penis over to the side to hide the embarrassing erection. This affects the development of the young penis because blood will flow better through one side of the spongy tissue and leave the other side under nourished.

Peyronie’s Disease
Penis curvature can also be caused by a more serious condition known as Peyronie’s Disease. In these cases, a hard plaque of fibrous scar tissue develops just beneath the skin of the penis. Because the scar tissue is extremely dense and inflexible, it is unable to expand during an erection, causing the penis to bend.

In many cases, this scar tissue develops as a result of some sort of injury to the penis (for example, if the penis is sharply bent back during extremely vigorous sex.)

Causes of Peyronie Disease
Well, although the cause of Peyronies Disease is not completely known, it’s usually caused by poor and inconsistent development of the corpora cavernosa during puberty or some kind of injury/ trauma to the penis during an erection

Penis Stretching Exercise 
Penis stretching exercises are very simple to perform, and involve gripping around the head of the penis (usually while flaccid) and applying a pulling technique. The idea is to stretch the penis to its maximum comfortable limit, to the point where you feel a strong, positive stretch at the base of the shaft and in the suspensory ligament.

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