Home Remedies


Scrub should be mild enough to be used everyday. Scrubs stimulate circulation and cleanse the pores, preventing blackheads by efficiently removing the dead scaly outermost layer of the skin. It helps bring lustre to your complexion and stimulates new skin growth. Avoid scrubs claimed to be natural that use crushed apricot pits or nutshells, as they are too rough and abrasive for your skin.

Listed below are some home made scrubs for various skin types. Gently rub the mixture on the face in small clockwise circles. Rinse off with cool water.

For Normal Skin – oat flour plus a little Basil (tulsi), sandalwood (chandan) powder and rose (gulab) petals. Mix to a paste with water, milk or comfrey tea.

For Dry Skin – chickpea or fine lentil flour with wheat germ, powdered almonds, ashwagandha, haritaki, fenugreek, basil and rose petals. Mix these ingredients and with aloe vera juice, milk or cream.

For Oily Skin – barley flour with rice bran, Indian gooseberry (amla), corriander (dhania), neem, sandalwood and lavender powder. Mix these with diluted lemon or aloe vera juice.

For Mature Skin – lentil, barley or rice flour with ashwagandha, basil and powdered orange blossom mixed with aloe vera (ghrita kumari) juice or milk with a little honey.

For Blemished Skin – oat flour and clay powder plus ashwagandha, corriander, cummin, fenugreek, ginger (adrak), neem and pinch of turmeric (haldi), all mixed with yoghurt (dahi).

Lemon : It is great natural bleach and cleanser and can be used to lighten the skin and remove tan. As a hair rinse, it adds bounce and shine to the hair.

Tomato : Rubbed raw on the skin, it is very effective in shrinking open pores and toning the skin.

Almond : Is an excellent skin nourisher and exfoliate. When powdered and mixed with the milk and egg, it can be used as an exfoliating facemask for dry skin. It has skin-lightening properties as well.

Lentil-Water : The water with which lentils are washed is rich with minerals. This can be used as face wash or hair rinse.

Egg : Makes for a very nourishing hair pack. The white of the egg is excellent for tightening the skin when added to a face pack.

Milk : It is an excellent body moisturizer and when applied to the skin it has de tanning properties as well.

Banana : The fruit has softening effects the fruit has a softening effect on the skin and when mashed and mixed with egg, the application helps soften the skin lending it a porcelain look. Bananas also help soften and nourish the hair.

Gram Flour : An large old ingredient that’s used in cooking, gram flour is an cleanse the tighten the skin. It can be mixed with different ingredients from the kitchen to create an up tan for your specific skin type.

Yogurt : The natural cleansing enzymes in yogurt help deep cleanse and soften skin while clearing blemishes. This works wonderfully when mixed with gram flour.

Cream : It works well as skin moisturizes. When massaged on cracked heels it helps soften and heal.

Mint-Leaves : Crushed and steeped in hot water these give you water that can be used for soothing skin ailments.

Natural face pack for beautiful skins
Face packs are softer and more porous types of facemasks. They improve circulation as well as cleanse and tauten the entire face. Because they are soft, they allow the skin to breathe more and are gentler than masks; they can be on longer, even during a full body massage.

The face packs discussed here are made of variety of fruits and vegetables. The juice of fresh fruits and vegetables tone and provide enzymes that help balance and cleanse the skin. Smash or pulp the fresh fruit and vegetables, then add fruit pectin, agar agar, clay or oat flour to firm the mixture so it does not slide off the face.

For Normal Skin, Use avocado, banana, cantaloupe, grape, peach, nectarine.
For Dry skin, try apple, avocado, banana, carrot, pear, melon or nectarine.
For oily skin, use cabbage , cucumber, lemon, pear, strawberry or tomato.
For mature skin, choose apple, avocado, grape or lemon.
For blemished skin, try apple ,cabbage, grape or tomato.

Both mask and packs should be removed with cool water and a clean wash cloth.