Ayurvedic Treatment For Male Infertility
Male infertility is a condition in which a male has inability  to  achieve pregnancy in a fertile female. Male infertility is commonly due to absence of the factors in semen that are necessary for the fertility . 
The diagnosis is made by the semen analysis. The sample of semen is evaluated by the pathologist. It clears the quality ,quantity  ,motility , shape and movement of the sperm.



The Herbo- Mineral combination along with Pahanchakarma Therapies are very effective in Male Infertility.  It detoxifies the body and provides desire results. These herbs have rich source of sperm enhancing factors that nourishes the Shukra Dhatu which increases  the quality and quantity of sperm and increases the sperm count.  It boosts the sex realted hormones naturally and gives more vigour and vitality.

Herbal Capsules And Tablets

  • It is made of precious herbs that are very helpful in this condition. It enhances the sexual performance of adults of all ages.
  • We advise to take this for three months. Most of the cases get cured after three months treatment and some patients may need more treatment.
  • There are many precious herbs that are very helpful in treating sex problems . Theses herbs not only corrects the sexual problems but also restore the vigour , vitality and energy.
  • These herbs improves the quality and quantity of the sperm ,also improves the sperm count and viscosity.
  • It improves the digestive system , immune system , strength , vitality and provides proper nutrition to the sexual system which is lost during nightfall.
  • It also improves the sleep disorders due to stress  and weakness.
  • Provides the Pleasureness & calmness – which is  very necessary for Sex Act.
  • It Provides good strength for better stamina
  • Helps to increase span of erection.

It is the medical condition of male in which there is not mesuarable level of sperm in his semen. In this condition male has very low chances of fertility and in some cases complete  sterlity is there.

  • Pretestlcular Function (Hormones) – Hormonal disturbance , FSH are low in theses cases usually, hypopituitarism  , hypogonadasim and chemotherapy are the main causes.
  • Testicular Function – Abnormal testes , atrophic  or absent and sperm production is  severly low or abscent. FSH is usually very high due to feed back mechanism.
  • Posttesticular Function – In this condition sperm is formed but not ejaculated. Obstruction is the main cause of the posttesticular genital tracts.
  • Ejaculatory Disturbance –  It includes retrograde ejaculation and anejaculation. In these conditions sperm is formed but but not expelled.
  • Impotence, and Sexual Problems

This  is a condition in which semen is formed with low concentration of sperm and it is very common in male as a infertility factor. The semen with decreased sperm concentration may also show abnormalities in sperm morphology and motality.
The diagnosis of oligospermia is made by semen analysis, in which less than  20 million sperms/ml shows oligospermia. The concentrations of sperm fluctuate and oligospermai may be temperory or permanent.

  • Pretestlcular Function  – Hormonal disturbance , Poor general health . Hypogonadism due to various causes , Alcohol , Intoxications , Smoking , medication and hormones.
  • Testicular Function – In this condition testes produces semen of poor quality. Factors includes – Age , Genetic Defects , Abnormol set of chromosomes , Neoplasm , Trauma , Hydrocele , Varicocele.
  • Posttesticular Function – Infections , Vas deferens , Retrograde ejaculation , ejaculatory duct obstruction , hypospadiasis.

The importance of sex in our lives has remained quite unchanged. The crucial points to be kept in mind in relation to the same being.

  • Sex is an integral part of our daily habits (Dinacharya).
  • Night and after two hours of dinner is the ideal time for intimacy, as it is kapha time.
  • An absolutely satisfying sexual union, when developed over time, bestows you and your partner with health and vitality.
  • For best results, each of the partners should be physically, emotionally and spiritually involved with the other.
  • Touch, smell, food, music and ambience play a vital role in developing, increasing and prolonging intimacy.
  • Perverted or unsatisfying sex has adverse effects on your mental and physical health, as it aggravates your vital energies (doshas) and reduces immunity. An aggravated vata will make you more emotionally vulnerable 
    and fear-prone, increased pitta will move you to anger and even frustration and enhanced kapha will make you more possessive.
  • The frequency of sex depends on your constitution and seasons – kapha types indulge in sex more frequently than your vata & pitta types thanks to the extra stamina they possess.
  • Vata types might find satisfaction in changing partners. While the difficult-to-quench-their-desires pitta types are usually in quest for more intensity.

For more and better sex therefore, one can practice Vajikaran therapy (virlification) – that part of Ayurveda which enhances male fertility and potency. However, any misuse of the same may open up a deluge of emotional and psychological complications. Use of similar medication (aphrodisiac supplements) instantly induces sexual pleasure and excitement, increases sexual stamina and promotes fertile seminal secretions