Sex Related Problems



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Sex Related Problems
The social structure of India is quite strict on the topic of sex study and its conversation. The study of sex – from both its physical and psychological perspectives – has been practiced here from ancient times. Unlike in the west, where this is a fairly recent phenomenon and they are yet to find the proper line of distinction between sex in general and pornography in particular. The knowledge of the sex is very necessary for any individual for the better quality of life. The ancient texts of Ayurveda “CharakSamihta” and “VatsayanKamsutra” provided the complete sexual knowledge in that time which is more than 5000 years.

Cause Of Sex Related Problems

  • Old Age – The functions of body gets slow down including sexual fuctions as the age goes forward. The decreases in male hormone testosterone , decreased blodd flow and other diseases are the causes.
  • Decreased Blood Flow – Decreased blood flow to the penis will affect the quality of erections.
  • Diabetes– The erection problems tend to gets worse the longer the man has diabetes. Peripheral neuropathy, decreased penile blood flow may cause poor erection and aggravates the Erectile Dysfunction condition.
  • High Blood Pressure  – Hypertension may affect  erections either by the changes it causes in the blood vessels or anti hypertensive medication.
  • Pelvic Surgery –  Surgery of prostate , urinary bladder or rectal may cause damage to nerves and blood vessels, this may affect and decrease the sexual power.
  • Nervous System  Disorders  – Spinal Cord Injury , Multiple Sclerosis and other Nervous System Disorders may disrupts the nerve pathway which is necessary for an erection.
  • Hormonal Problems – The low testosterone level and high Prolactin level can give libido and impaired sexual functions.
  • Depression And Psychological Problems –  Stress  ,worries and depression may lead to erection dysfunction by a loss of sex desire and drive or medications used for it.
  • Cigarrette Smoking  –  Excessive  alcohol – Drug Abuse are one of the cause of erectile problems.
  • Medicaition –  Verities of medicines and self medication may cause the erectile problems.
  • Peyroine Disease –  Peyronie’s disease is a bending of the erect penis which is often mild to severe painful .  The exact cause of Peyronie’s is not yet known , but there may be some injury or trauma is associated. This condition may lead to impotence or inability to have intercourse due to the curvature.

The sex is the indispensable and inseparable part of our life. 

The points to be kept in mind are :-
Sex is an integral part of our daily habits like our other routines.
Kapha time is best for intercourse, Night and after two hours of dinner is the ideal time for intimacy.
For best results, each of the partners should be physically, emotionally and spiritually involved with the other.
An absolutely satisfying sexual union, when developed over time, bestows you and your partner with health and vitality.
Touch, smell, food, music and ambience play a vital role in developing, increasing and prolonging intimacy.
Perverted or unsatisfying sex has adverse effects on your mental and physical health, as it aggravates your vital energies (doshas) and reduces immunity.

For more and better sex performance, one can practice Vajikarana therapy – a part of Ayurveda which enhances male fertility and potency. However, any misuse of the same may open up a deluge of emotional and psychological complications. Use of similar medication (aphrodisiac supplements) instantly induces sexual pleasure and excitement, increases sexual stamina and promotes fertile seminal secretions.

The most common sex related problems that could occur are listed below :

1. Premature Ejaculation:The most common problem of sexual dissatisfaction is premature ejaculation in males. Because it cut shorts the duration of intimacy and the couple cannot achieve full orgasm.

2. Unsatisfactory Erection Or Sexual Deficiency : weak erection may have many causes but in most cases the root cause for this is very psychological. However, it is imperative to first check on all the pathological or physical causes. After treating them, the patients’ self-confidence needs to be restored too.

3. Fregidity(Lack Of Libido) : The work exertion, hectic pace of ultra modern lifestyle causes severe tension and excessive fatigue within individuals, which may lead to less interest in sexual activities. This is usually the prime cause for lack of libido and unsatisfactory sexual performance.

4. Oligospermia : Male Factor Infertility is usually due to the sperm count falling below the fertility level. A large number of sperms are not motile, viable or exhibit morphological abnormalities.

5. Spermatorrhoea (Nocturnal Emissions/Dhatu Rog ) :When the sperm comes either through while passing urine or during sleep it is called Spermatorrhoea. It is an involuntary discharge of semen without undergoing orgasm. A distressing symptom in many patients, it leads to psychosomatic complaints as lack of confidence, lack of concentration, headaches, excessive sweating, giddiness etc.

6. Sexual Weakness In The Elderly : The decrease in the shukra and the hectic lifestyles of this age and advancing years, the male desire for sexual intercourse tends to taper off early and sexual intimacy tends to become unsatisfactory.

7. Impotency : Mainly psychogenic in origin, it is directly related to anxiety regarding sexual performance. Testosterone is quite ineffective when impotence is the sole symptom and testosterone levels per se are largely irrelevant. Its rise in blood level is secondary to sexual arousal. The reduction in the plasma testosterone level, which may be found in chronically impotent men, probably reflects sexual apathy rather than causes it.

The most common male sexual dysfunction is impotence.

Causes :
a) Excessive masturbation.
b) Complete loss of desire (even in young man)
c) Excessive indulging in sex.
d) Local Injury
e) Sexually Transmitted Diseases like Syphilis.
f) Enlargement of prostate gland (BHP).
g) Impotency with diabetes mellitus
h) Mumps, obesity, excessive alcohol intake, smoking & drugs intake.

8. Male Sterility : The condition in which a married couple finds it difficult to produce an offspring is called sterility. The defect may be either with the male partner or the female partner. These defects can be either organic or functional. In males the procreative factors is the sperm. It is produced in the testicles and ejaculated through the male genital organ during sexual intercourse.

9. Excessive Loss Of Seminal Fluid :Seminal losses are so common among young men, and even when not definitely weakening often cause much mental distress and sexual debility. These involuntary losses of the seminal fluid are extremely debilitating in certain cases; in others they may be more alarming than injurious, and detrimental chiefly through their mental effect upon the victim. The primary cause of too many seminal losses is to be found chiefly in the stimulating influences of our artificial civilized life, but the direct cause in nine cases out of ten is undoubtedly masturbation. Through this habit there has been established a continuous active secretion of the seminal fluid, and after the practice has been stopped the excessive and rapidly accumulating secretion naturally finds an outlet through these emissions, occurring at intervals the frequency of which depends largely upon the extent to which self-abuse has been carried on and the parts concerned weakened. It frequently happens, also, that when one has been married and accustomed to regular sexual intercourse, involuntary emissions occur when this relationship is suddenly discontinued.