Urticaris – Hives

Urticaris – Hives Treatment


Urticaria or hives are the red , itchy , raised areas of the skin that appears in varying shapes and sizes , which are no longer be there for 6 to 12 hours.  Urticaria refers to a group of skin disorders affecting adults and children. The skin swelling seen in urticaria may forms weals that can be a few mm or several cm in diameter , white or red coloured often surrounded by a red flare and frequently itchy. Weals may be round or form rings a map like pattern or giant patches.

The early allergy can be treated easily and the chronic condition of urticaria takes its own time to relieve. 

Urticaria  treatments according to the constitution ( Prakruti ) of the body .

The kit includes the Ayurvedic & Herbal Medicines which purifies the Blood and removes the toxins from the blood . Improves the immune system and digestive system. The Pitta dosha is the main culprit of the skin diseases, along with that the other dosha involved the KIT is prescribed to the patients.

If VATA is involved then VATA-PITTA  KIT if, Kapha is involved then KAPHA-PITTA KIT is available for the Urticaria.

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