Here are the 5+ best lichen planus treatment in ayurveda

best lichen planus treatment in ayurveda

Here are the 5+ best lichen planus treatment in ayurveda

Let’s know what Lichen Planus is? 

In this blog you will get know about best lichen planus treatment in Ayurveda, LICHEN PLANUS is a form of skin disorder with chronic inflammation that develops and is frequently brought on by a weakness in your immune system. Although there is no known cause for this ailment, there are many known treatments that doctors can suggest for you. Although lichen planus can develop anywhere on the body, it frequently affects the mouth, scalp, mucous membranes, legs, upper body, joints, and genitalia.

Though you can use medical therapies to hasten the disease’s recovery, it typically goes away on its own in a few weeks or months in a few cases. Your doctor will suggest a treatment based on your medical history out of the many options available. For relatively mild cases of this illness, it usually goes away on its own; but since it causes burning, itching and overall discomfort, getting treatment can help you feel better.

Chances of inflammation during lichen Planus: 

Inflammation (swelling and irritation) on the skin or within the mouth is a common lichen planus symptom

LICHEN PLANUS results in an itchy rash on your skin. It could burn or hurt inside of your mouth and genitalia.

Most of the time, the aetiology of lichen planus is unknown, but some potential causes include:

  • A virus that targets your liver, hepatitis C
  • Several medications, including some prescribed for the treatment of malaria, diabetes, heart disease, and high blood pressure
  • reactions to dental metal fillings
  • An autoimmune reaction occurs when your immune system accidentally targets the cells in your mouth and skin.
  • Some vaccinations may cause.
  • Certain chemicals and drugs.

best lichen planus treatment in Ayurveda:-

Treatment of lichen Planus according to Ayurveda: 

Skin lichen planus typically disappears in a few months to several years. Your condition may be more challenging to treat and likely to return if it affects your mucous membranes. You’ll need to schedule follow-up appointments with your doctor roughly once a year, regardless of the course of therapy you choose.

Therapy is generally unnecessary if your biopsy reveals lichen planus and you don’t exhibit any symptoms. Lichen planus treatment can help if you experience symptoms like intense itching or sores in your mouth or genital region. 

Medications and other treatments may help with itching, pain, and healing. Therapy can be complex. To compare potential benefits and treatment side effects, speak with your doctor.

How is the therapy carried out?

To begin with, your doctor will perform several tests to identify lichen planus. Some of these tests include biopsies (during which your doctor will remove a piece of tissue from the infected areas on your body and examine it under a microscope to ascertain what is wrong), a test for hepatitis C (because lichen planus is frequently linked to this disease), and finally a few allergy tests. 

Who is in danger?

Lichen planus affects about 1 in 100 persons at some point. It is not contagious and is not brought on by an infection. Men and women both commonly develop lichen planus in their middle years. Lichen planus of the skin affects both men and women equally, whereas oral (within the mouth) lichen planus affects women twice as frequently. 

What are the Outcomes observed? 

Skin lichen planus frequently clears up on its own after two years. One in five individuals will experience a second outbreak. For years, skin issues may come and go in some people.

Lichen planus frequently leaves behind dark brown areas when it cures on the skin. These areas, like the bumps, might go away on their own. Dermatologists can use lotions, lasers, or other procedures to lighten the spots if they do not disappear. Make sure to consult a lichen planus specialist to get proper treatment. 

The duration of oral lichen planus is frequently more extended than that of lichen planus on the skin. It can be more challenging to treat in the mouth.

Ayurvedic Treatment for Lichen Planus

best lichen planus treatment in ayurveda
best lichen planus treatment in ayurveda

Lichen Planus Kit

Products : 60. Cap Dermatox – HZ ,  60. Cap.  LIV -O -LIV  60. Tab Kaishore Guggulu 850 mg

In Oral Lichen – Mouth Lotion


  • Help to give you relief from irritation and itching. 
  • Help to cure lichen. 
  • Being spreading the disease. 

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