Ayurvedic Vitiligo Treatment


  • Oral Ayurvedic Medication as herbal formulations which checks the growth of toxins and helps to eliminates the toxins from the body. Best Vitiligo Treatment It enhances the  immune system and strengthens the tissue of the body. Helps the skin to re pigmentation.
  • Vitligo Cure Cream for local use. It helps to remove the dead skin and helps to regain the color of skin.
  • Vitligo Cure Oil : It goes deep to the skin and helps to produces the melanocytes.
  • In some cases when medicines don’t gives the desire results on Vitiligo Treatment, it implies that there is the blockage of channels called “Srotas “ so here we need Panchakarma purification therapies to open the channels and removal of toxins. Snehan , Swedana , Vaman , Virechana , Basti Karma are prescribed for  patients according to the disease , age and distribution of the Vitiligo.
  • In some cases Rakta Mokshan ( Therapeautic Blood Letting ) is very effective.

The  Steps  of healing with Anti Vitiligo Kit

  • The Skin Becomes slightly red , which shows that medicine start working on the skin
  • The small brownish spots getting appearing in the white spots of skin.
  • The margins of the white patches gets darker and squeezing the patch area  converting white skin into normal skin gradually.
  • The whole white patch area gets pinkish and red which gradually converts into normal skin colour.
  • The Healing Pattern may vary from patient to patient. The response of the immune system is fast in Some patients and in some slow. The severity of toxins in the body and their growth is another factor of healin.

vitiligo treatment in ayurveda

Vitiligo Treatment The Advanced Ayurveda Skin Treatment Centre’s Ayurvedic Kit For on Vitiligo Treatment is effective for the vitiligo and leucoderma. Ayurvedic treatment for vitiligo The combination of the herbs starts re-pigmentations over the white patches within 6 to 8 weeks of the starting treatment and which can be noticed too.

We have seen clinically the three types of healing pattern with ANTI VITILIGO TREATMENT KIT

First Healing Pattern – The regimentation starts as a very small brownish spots that appears witnin the patches. These darker spots spreading and the skin gradually converts normal. The abnormal whiteness disappears gradually.

Second Healing  Pattern – in this pattern the margin of white patches gets darker and starts squeezing the patch area converting into normal skin gradually.

Third Healing Pattern – In this type of pattern the whole white area gets pinkish or red which gradually converts into normal skin color.

The healing pattern may vary patient to patient . but in some cases all the three healing patterns are found which helps in faster cure of vitiligo. In this way , vitiligo can be cured by Ayurveda.

Ayurvedic Medicines and Panchakarma treatments can successfully manage and treat The VITILIGO. Vitiligo is a auto immune skin disorder and is deep rooted disease of tissues of the body (Sapt  Dhatus). So local application of the creams , lotions are oils only helps to reduce the symptoms of the surface of the skin , but internal cleansing is very important part of the treatment. 


Vitiligo Treatment According to Ayurveda Vitiligo is known as “ White Leprosy”  : “SHIVTRA”: “ KILASA” . In modern it is known as Vitiligo or Leucoderma. It is a noninfectious disorder in which white patches are formed.

Vitiligo is a common acquired disorder characterized by well marginated milky white spots resulting from loss of melanocytes. It is not a skin disease rather it is an Auto Immune Disease which affects the skin.

Vitiligo and Leucoderma are two different terms used for the same skin disorder. But there exits causative difference between two. Literally  “ Leucoderma” means “ White Skin”. Terming it a disease is not appropriate because it does not cause any organic default and it starts without any symptoms.

It is generally known as white patches and it happens due to absence of melanin pigment in the skin.

It is basically a immune disorder of the skin that starts from a small spot, which gradually develops into a patch. Primarily the patch may be pale but it develops whiter as the time passes and finally it appears white due to complete loss of melanin pigment. The patch may be any size or shape and also known as “Pigmentary Disorder”

Vitiligo is non-infectious and non-transmittable disorder and associated with only change of the skin color. All the ages and both gender may affect the disease at any age.

In other language it is also known as “Safed daag” and the common sites are face , hands , feet , axilla , groins and trunk. In ayurveda is called “Svitra” or “Shveta Kusht” . There are 18 types of Kushta according to Ayurveda and Shveta Kushta is one of them which is cosmetically not good and doesn’t harm the health.

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