PSORIASIS wellness kit

(Psoriasis wellness kit) Psoriasis is a chronic, non-contagious auto immune disorder which affects the skin & joints, characterized by flaking, redness and inflammation of the skin.

Psoriasis is an inflammatory skin condition caused by an increased growth of the keratinocytes from the stratum basale to stratum corneum. Normally these cells rise to the skin’s surface once a month. This rate is increased to twice a month in the case of psoriasis. This is a non contagious skin condition characterized by thick, red skin with flaky, silvery white scaly patches.

The faulty signals of the immune system cause new cells to form in days rather than weeks. These immature cells give red patches of various sizes on the skin. The body does not shed these excess skin cells so that the cells pile up on the surface of the skin in the form of lesions.


Ayurveda is the most ancient science in healthcare and is a holistic system of herbal remedies, dietary guidelines and lifestyle habits to treat the disease and to prevent the disease by promoting proper energy balance in the body. Ayurveda is based on the principles and it shows that the Psoriasis and other skin conditions are caused by the imbalance of the Doshas and this imbalance can be balanced with the proper therapies and medication and detoxification via Panchakarma and herbs.


The Skin -Twak- is an essential sense organs. Although all the three dosha resides in the skin but Brajakapitta and Vata are the mainly are there as dominant. Psoriasis is called Mandal Kushta in ayurveda. Some books described it as Ekkushta and Kitibha. The involvement and Vitiation of Vata and Kapha is the cause of this Skin Condition Psoriasis. In both Mandal Kushta and Ekkushta Vata and Kapha are vitiated. In all skin diseases Pitta – “Brajhaka”is always involved.

Psoriasis affects both sexes and all races of the world. It may occur at any age and mostly in young adults. Most of the People thinks that it is a life long condition and it will get worst as the disease become chronic.  Ayurveda says that the if you start your medication and detoxification in time it may go forever and will not come again.

According to Ayurveda Psoriasis is the most complex disease among all skin diseases. Kiṭibha of Ayurvedic literature is compared and accepted with Psoriasis of Modern Medical diagnosis. Psoriasis (Kiṭibha) is well known disease in Ayurvedic fraternity from the time immemorial. A clear disease description is available in Caraka Samhita (Ayurveda Text). This disease description along with its pathogenesis, treatment etc. are well defined in Ayurveda.

Based on onset Psoriasis is of 2 types

Type 1 (early on set) and type 2 (late). Type 1 psoriasis occurs at or before the age of 40 and seen in 75% of patients.

Type II Psoriasis presents after the age of 40, with a peak at 55-60 years of age.


Pitta and Kapha Dosha are main responsible for Psoriasis. The Impure doshas “Ama” or Toxins, impurifies the rakta dhatu and causes this types of skin diseases. According to the ayuveda the three factors are causative to the vitiation of the doshas they are Aahaar (Diet), Vehar (Our routine behavior) and Dincharaya (Daily Doings). All these factors are responsible for vitiation of the doshas and above all when the digestive health disturbs then disease occurs.

The vitiation of the Vatta and kapha causes Psoriasis. The Vitiated dosha affects the skin and blood tissue and severity of the damage is responsible for the severity of Psoriasis, mild moderate or severe.

The Vitiation of Vata dries the water content of skin and rapid growth of the skin tissue hence immature cells of skin are produced and kapha causing itching

Consuming improper diet, opposite food, controlling natural urges, adverse climatic conditions, taking too salty, too sour, too heavy food stuffs, mental stress are main causes of skin diseases like Psoriasis.

AYUR-SUDHA’s Ayurvedic Management for Psoriasis.

Ayur-Sudha Ayurvedic centre has treated many case of Erythrodermic Psoriasis, Guttate Psoriasis, Chronic Plaque Psoriasis, Scalp Psoriasis and Psoriatic Arthritis successfully. Ayurveda herbs checks the growth of diseases cells and stops the further production of toxins. Strengthens the tissues of the body & enhances the immune system. Fastens the process of detoxification of the body through natural herbs of Ayurveda & purifies the body from the accumulated toxins.


Ayurveda is personalised way of treatment, this kit works in most of the cases, however in some cases medicines for each patient is decided according to the age, distribution of diseases, strength of body and proper assessment by Ayurveda Doctor.

Panchtikt Ghrit Guggulu, Terminalia Chebula, Withania somnifera, Tinospora cordifolia, Azadirachta  Indica, Psoralea corylifolia, Curcuma longa, Manjishta and many other herbo-mineral Ayurvedic medicines. These herbal formulations check the growth of toxins and helps to eliminates the toxins from the body. It enhances the immune system and strengthens the tissue of the body.

Price and Medicines are decided according to the medicines used. Our Ayurvedic Doctor will go through the History, talk with patient and after proper analysis they decide the Customized Kit for the Patient.

  1. 60 Ayurvedic Capsules – Contains Combination of Many Ayurvedic herbs. Helps to enhance Immunity
  2. 60 Ayurvedic Capsules – Contains Combination of Many Ayurvedic herbs. Helps to detoxify body and deep tissues
  3. 60 Ayurvedic Tablets – Contains Combination of Many Ayurvedic herbs. Improves circulation and provides skin nutrition
  4. 30 Ayurvedic Pills – Contains Combination of Many Ayurvedic herbs. Helps the cells and tissues rejuvenates.
  5. Dermacure Cream for Local Application. It helps to remove the dead skin, nourishes skin and helps to reduce itching and scars.
  6. Ayurvedic Shampoo – It helps in cleansing the scalp and body externally.

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