What is Ayurveda ?
Ayurveda is the knowledge of life. The word Ayurveda comes from “Ayur” which means “life” and “Veda” which stands for “Knowledge” This science of medicines is the most ancient in world which deals not only with diseased persons but also with health persons. Ayurveda is called Mother of Medicines and it is believed that all other systems of treatment are come from Ayurveda.

Is Ayurveda an alternative medicine ?
Ayurveda is most ancient health science amongst the existing medical sciences, which is created for Universal Health Science, donated by Lord Brahma of Hindu Mythology 5000 years B.C. So, It is wrong to presume that Ayurveda is alternative to anything else. Ayurveda is probably the only holistic medical system in the world that deals not only with the sick and ailing but takes care of the healthy too. Ayurveda also aims to create a healthy, happy and peaceful society. It is believed that Ayurveda is the Mother of Medicines.

How can Ayurveda be helpful in my daily life ?
Ayurveda is a knowledge that helps us maintain a perfect lifestyle, dietary regimen and good physical and mental health. The first step towards adopting Ayurveda into your life is gaining self-knowledge. Knowing one’s physical and psychological types helps in gaining control over one’s life and achieving better health. This is what Ayurveda teaches you.

Does Ayurvedic treatment take a long time to heal ailments ?
No. Ayurveda have concept of Tri Dhatu Tri Dosha and Tri Mala. This is a common misconception about Ayurveda. In reality the time to heal any ailment depends on various factors- age of the patient, type of the disease, whether it is acute or chronic, involvement of dhatus, dhosha, tissues, organs and channels are involved in the disease process. If the disease is recently formed and is with a single dosha and dhatu involvement is at first stage, then Ayurveda can cure such a disease very quickly. On the other hand if the disease is formed with the vitiation of two or three doshas, dhatu and mala, and if more organs and channels are involved, then naturally, the treatment takes long time to cure this disease.

How can we differentiate between Ayurveda and Modern medicine ?
The basis motto of Ayurveda is to get diseased person free from his illness as well as to keep a healthy person to maintain his health but modern theory is based on to get rid from disease.

Ayurvedic is the Holistic Treatment in which the level of treatment is root cause of the disease while most modern treatments operates at the symptomatic level.

Conventional medicine dates back 200 years at the most, Ayurveda inherits a legacy of more than 5000 years. Ayurveda considers a human being to be a part of nature, and as such, employs all-natural treatment methods. And while modern medicine is based on germ theory.

Modern medicine uses synthetic and chemical drugs but Ayurvedic treatments are totally natural and all Ayurvedic medications are herbal. Moreover, the right diet, lifestyle changes, meditation, exercises and yoga always supplement these medications. As a result, Ayurvedic remedies do not have harmful side effects.

Are herbs safe ?
Ayurvedic herbs are very safe when prescribed correctly by a properly trained practitioner. Like any medicine, herbal remedies can have side effects and may interact with other drugs. So, it is very necessary to take medicine under the observation of Ayurvedic/Herbal Physician. Over the centuries doctors have compiled detailed information about the pharmacopoeia and placed great emphasis on the protection of the patient. If you have heart disease such as angina, high blood pressure or glaucoma, herbal treatments should not be taken without supervision from a trained herbalist or a doctor.

Should you use it ?
A common-sense approach recognizes that herbal remedies have been widely used for many years and may be useful for self-treating minor illnesses. However, natural does not mean harmless and care should be taken not to exceed the doses that are traditionally recommended.

An associated risk is that by treating symptoms that are signals of a serious condition with herbal remedies, time is lost in giving tried and tested mainstream medicines. 
Herbal remedies for self-treatment are available as tablets, capsules, ointments and creams, and are on sale in health food shops, pharmacies and even supermarkets. For more serious health complaints, you may want to see a trained herbalist. It is particularly important to be cautious about taking herbs if you are pregnant or breast-feeding. Consult a doctor and/or herbal practitioner, before making any changes in prescribed medications.

Could I have a “Reaction” to the Products ?
It is unlikely that anyone would experience a “reaction.” However, as with any change in your diet that possibility exists. If you do experience a reaction, it will be temporary in nature and we suggest discontinuing the product for three days. Then resume, using half as much. As your body acclimates, you may increase to the level that is best for you.

Is there any side effects of Ayurvedic Medicines ?
It is always advisable that you should take medicine under the observation of physician. Ayurveda uses varieties of herbs, minerals and metals for the treatment of diseases. Moreover, many potential toxins are also used in the treatment procedures. However, all these substances are purified and detoxified before they are used. If the process of purification and detoxification is not done properly, then the final product may produce some side effects. Similarly some toxic substances and oxides of minerals and metals, if not used in proper dosage, may also cause some side effects.

Does Ayurveda work for Everybody ?
Up until now I have seen that Ayurveda works in 95% of cases. The other 5% is due to intense karmic sickness.

What is Karmic Sickness ?
According to Ayurveda and Indian philosophy, this is a sickness caused by wrong doings in past lives, intentionally or unintentionally.

Is there any remedy for Karmic sickness ?
Yes there is. However even if someone is feeling good from the first treatment they will not continue with the course. When asked if this is due to money or time they usually say no and find that they do not know why they won’t continue. This is the indication of intense karmic sickness.