Rheumatoid Arthritis

Rheumatoid Arthritis

Rheumatoid arthritis is a disorder of the joints. It is marked by inflammation and severe degeneration and causes permanent deformity in the joints.

It is an autoimmune disorder wherein the immune system, which generally protects the body from various infections and diseases, starts to attack and damage normal body tissues.
Irregular diet.
Eating unfavorable foods, which can cause chronic indigestion and formation of endotoxins.

Mainly, smaller joints in fingers, toes and ankles are affected.
Severe pain, swelling and rise in temperature around the affected joint.
The pain and other signs are transitory in nature, that is, only one or two joints are affected at a time and the symptoms shift to the other joints, after some time.
In most cases, the signs are associated with fever and general weakness.
Although visible abnormality in the joint is not seen in the initial stages, gross deformities can be seen at the advanced stage.

Ginger is excellent as antiendotoxic (digests all the endotoxins from the system) in nature. Powdered ginger should be taken in a 1-gm dosage, twice, daily.
A decoction of roots of ten herbs (Dashamoola) in a 30-ml dosage, thrice, daily.
Castor oil in a 5-10-ml dosage, at regular intervals.
Tablets made of ginger, castor seeds and gum guggul (Comiphora mukul), in a 500-mg dosage, thrice, daily.
Avoid oil applications on the affected joints. Instead use a dry fomentation with a cloth bag containing hot sand.

Herbs can be used
A decoction of potato peels, in a 15-ml dosage, thrice, daily.
Juice of bitter gourd, with honey, in a 60-ml dosage, twice, daily.
A paste of rhubarb and sugar in a 2-gm dosage, thrice, daily.
Take an extract of celery seeds (5-10 drops), thrice, daily.

Do’s & Don’t
Add a pinch of ginger powder to drinking water.
Include foods containing barley, rice, pulses and lentils in regular diet.
Add powdered long pepper, black pepper, and ginger and piper root in regular meals.
Avoid spicy, pungent and fried foods.