Kidney Diseases

Kidney diseases Treatment

KIDNEY Disorders and Diseases

Kidneys are the powerful chemical factories that performs the following Functions

  • Removes the waste products from the body
  • Removes drugs from body
  • Balance the body fluid
  • Release hormones that regulates  blood pressure
  • Produces the active form of vitamin D that produces strong , healthy bones
  • Controls the production of RBC’s

Causes :
Diabetes and High Blood Pressure are the Major cause of Kidney Failure
Other causes are Diabetic Nephropathy , Glomerular Diseases , Inherited and congenital kidney diseases , Poison or Trauma , Immune System Disorders of Kidney.

In Ayurveda Medication there is no need of puncturing vein repeatedly, No Dialysis either Peritoneal or Haemo-dialysis.
 There are many herbs, which are very effective in Renal Diseases especially in Chronic Kidney Failure. Just Oral Medication that is the combination of herbs makes it possible. 
Herbs can reduce the raised Blood urea and Serum Creatinine of a person with Kidney failure and also get relieved from the symptoms like Anemia, Loss of the luster of skin, Calcium, Sodium & Potassium variations, Anorexia, Weight Loss, malnourishment.

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