Gout is a type of arthritis and affects mainly the smaller joints, especially those in the ankles, fingers and toes. This ailment is caused by a defective body metabolism that leads to uric acid crystal deposits in the small joints (these crystals are also known to be present in the kidneys and skin).

Defective metabolism of uric acid in the body, leading to deposit of uric acid crystals in joints. 
Excessive alcoholism.
Heavy intake of proteins and carbohydrates.
Lack of exercise.

Swelling, increased heat and redness of one or more joints in the either the fingers, toes or ankles.
Severe pain and tenderness in the affected joints.
Fever and lethargy, associated with loss of appetite.

A decoction of the bark and roots of the Deodar tree, in a 30 ml dosage, thrice, daily.
A decoction of tinospora (Guduchi), vasaka (Adhatoda vasaka) with Castor oil, in a 10-ml dosage, twice, daily.
A decoction of Rubia cordifolia (Manjishtha), three myrobalans (Triphala), tinospora (Guduchi) and bark of Margosa (Neem),in a 30-ml dosage,twice,daily.
A decoction of the roots of a Castor plant, in a 30-ml dosage, thrice, daily.
Tablets made with three myrobalans (Triphala), long pepper and gum guggul (Comiphora mukul), in a 1-gm dosage, thrice, daily.
Tablets made with gum guggul (Comiphora mukul) and tinospora (Guduchi), in a 1-gm dosage, thrice, daily.
A decoction of Pluchea lanceolata (Rasna), in a 30-ml dosage, thrice, daily.

Herbs can be used
Take approximately 50 ml French beans’ juice, thrice, daily.
Take 100 ml juice extracted from cucumbers, carrots and beetroots, twice, daily.
Include fruits like apples, bananas and cherry fruits in daily diet.

Do’s & Don’t
Stick to fresh, warm meals.
Take hot soups made with either lentils, pulses or meat and a dash of powdered ginger, black pepper and long pepper.
Avoid spicy, deeply-fried, oily and pungent foods, as these tend to further damage the degenerated joints.
Include ghee and oils in a moderate quantity in meals, as these `lubricate’ the joints and the dried and ‘wasted’ shoulder.