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It is the most common skin condition characterized by pimples on the face , back upper chest . It occurs when the pores of the skin clogged with oil, dead skin or bacteria. In Ayurveda it is called Yuvaan Pidika. The Vata and Kapha caused distortion of the blood or Rakt dhatu causes excessive secretions of the gland and clogging. read more

Breast Development

Breast Development

Females with small breasts usually feels embarrassment and shy, but there is nothing biologically wrong if female have any other problems associated with the size. Sometimes Hormonal and other factors may cause underdeveloped breasts. If a female wants to have large breast size then Ayurveda has a right answer for small breasts. read more

Vagina Tightening

Vagina Tightening

Sexual activities are important for both men and women. Female partner also needs enjoy during intercourse, if vagina is loose then it is very difficult to get pleasure during sexual activities. read more

Ayurvedic Infertility Treatment


Male infertility is a condition in which a male has inability to achieve pregnancy in a fertile female. Male infertility is commonly due to absence of the factors in semen that are necessary for the fertility . The diagnosis is made by the semen analysis. read more

Ayurvedic Hair Problem

Hair Problem

At any time, it may be normal for a person to lose as many as 50 hairs a day and these usually show up on a comb or brush or at the bottom of the bathtub or sink especially after washing your hair. Hair grows at 1 to 2 cm a month. read more

Ayurvedic Kidney Disorder Treatmnet

Kidney Disorder

Kidneys are vital organs that perform many functions to keep your blood clean and chemically balanced. The kidneys remove wastes and extra water from the blood to form urine. Urine flows from the kidneys to the bladder through the ureters. read more

Female Problems

Female Problems

Females with small breasts usually feels embarrassment and shy , but there is nothing biologically wrong if female have any other problems associated with the size. Sometimes Hormonal and other factors may cause underdeveloped breasts. read more

Male Problems

Male Problems

Although a man has a strong desire to perform sexual act with a cooperative partner, but he can't perform sexual act because of looseness (absence of erection) of his ling (penis). read more

Ayursudha.com :
The AYUR SUDHA – Super Speciality Ayurveda Centre is founded with the objective of providing healing through the ancient science of Ayurveda (science of life).

Online Consultation

Consult online

online consultation

What is online consultation and how does it work ?
Internet is a great facility, which is used by most of the persons around the world, & moreover it makes the long distance so closer that now a day we can’t feel that we are so far away from each other.

It is a fact that without a Doctor how can treatment be possible? But it is also another fact Ayurveda is most ancient treatment therapy, which is mainly practiced in India and Ayurvedic Specialist, are primarily available in India. For getting an Ayurvedic consultation a person either to travel to India or the doctor will have to travel to the person where person resides. This may not be possible most of the time. Keeping this thing in view, Ayur-Sudha has started an online consultation facility.

One of the main methods used in this online consultation is a detailed questionnaire dealing with various problems, symptoms, diet and lifestyle habits of the patient. This gives a good indication of the state of the patient's health. In fact, online consultation probably asks you more questions than your local doctor does before he writes you out a prescription!

Pulse Diagnosis
Pulse reading has a long tradition in Ayurveda medicine & pulse diagnosis is not the only Ayurvedic means of diagnosis, The trained Ayurvedic physician puts three fingers on the patient's wrist to determine the constitutional tendencies according to the Ayurvedic tri-dosha system (vata, pitta, kapha). The diagnosis at the level of the pulse has not only the advantage of providing insight into the patient's physiological and psychological micro-cosmos, but also indicates instantaneously a person's reaction to changes in diet, routine, circumstances, therapy, etc.

The pulse contains the complete information about the patient's body and mind. The physician analyses and interprets the vibrations of the various organs: healthy organs, that function normally, have a different pulse than organs with a dysfunction. The trained physician is able to determine different layers of the pulse by pressing each finger at varying levels of intensity. Together there are an almost infinite number of possible combinations that make up the individual constitution. The exact nature of the combination provides the physician with information about organs that are out of balance, which kind of dysfunction exists and the kind of symptoms, which can result. The connection between cause and effect can be recognized and treated properly at an early stage. This is the reason why the science of Ayurveda is ideally suited for preventive care.

Consultation with an Ayurvedic Physician
The first consultation with a herbal therapist will probably last at least few minutes to an hour, during which time doctor will ask detailed questions about general health, medical and family history, lifestyle and emotional state.

A pulse diagnosis would be done. This is to assess the amplitude, rhythm, volume, temperature, movement and strength of the pulse. The eyes are also checked to see the color, shape, movement and shine. Tongue diagnosis is done to check the color, coating, thickness, shape and surface. The breathing is observed to watch its rhythm for example slow, rapid, deep, shallow, long or short. The breath is checked to see its temperature, moisture and how far it can be felt from the nose. The skin surface is also touched to assess whether it is soft, dry, rough, smooth, cold, warm, clammy, moist or oily. The person’s aura is read and the face diagnosed by looking at its shape. Questions about the person’s lifestyle and diet would be asked. If the patient is a woman they would be asked about their menstrual cycle and any pregnancies. 
Treatment may include advice about diet and lifestyle as well as herbal medicine. The medicines prescribed may well be made up of several different herbs, and will be tailored to individual needs, as the herbalist sees them. They can come in a wide range of formulations - including syrups, tinctures, lotions, inhalations, gargles and washes.

The Ayurvedic Physician may make a follow-up appointment after two weeks, and then monthly, but this depends on the condition being treated and the general state of health.

When should an Ayurvedic Practitioner be consulted ?
A person can consult a practitioner at any time whether sick or not. If they are in a state of imbalance, medicine can be prescribed. If the person is healthy they can be advised on how to keep their body in a balanced state and according to their prakriti be told in what ways their body may react if the balance is not kept.


Ayur Sudha’s patients are worldwide ( In United States -USA , North America , South America ,Canada , United  Kingdom UK , London , Europe , European Union Countries , UAE, Dubai , Middle east , Italy , France ,Paris , Sweden , Switzerland , Austria, Belgium , Bulgaria , Cyprus , Denmark , Estonia , Finland , France , Georgia ,Australia , Norway , Germany , Greece , Hungary , China , Japan ,Brazil, Chile ,Egypt , Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Argentina , Ireland , Italy , Lithuania , Nigeria ,Mauritius ,  South Africa , Newyork ,New Zealand , California ,Luxembourg , Malta , Mexico , The Netherlands , Poland , Portugal , Sydney ,Romania , Russia ,Holland , Serbia , Spain , Turkey , Ukraine , Jordan, Lebanon , Singapore , Malaysia , Qatar , Syria , Thailand , Bangkok , United Arab Emirates ,etc. )

Many patients around the world visited our centre for Authentic Ayurvedic Treatments & Prime Panchakarma Therapies. Although the communication gets easy , ease in transportation ( By Air ) is there , Still it is difficult to visit our Ayurveda Centre for every patient who are far away & who really Loves Ayurveda because of its Root Cause Treatment of a disease without any side-effect and safest Natural Treatment of the world. Many patients from different part of world approach us through web site www.ayursudha.com. Our centre provides facility to provide the Ayurvedic & Herbal medicines in any part of world. As our medicines are processed authentic herbs, we have export license & we do the things legally, so it can reach to patients easily.




Our mission at Ayur Sudha is to develop the best world standards in Ayurveda practice and make them available to our patients. To identify the strength and limitation of Ayurveda Medical Science; explaining them to the patients. To practice highest standards of ethics and conduct in medical practice. Everything we do reflects our mission and the values. We value integrity, honesty, dedication, commitment and accountability.

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Dr. Amit Dutta

Dr. Amit Dutta  is the Director & Chief Ayurvedic Consultant of AYUR SUDHA- SUPER SPECIALITY AYURVEDA CENTRE -  belongs to a family of traditional Ayurvedic and Herbal Practitioners. He has vast knowledge of herbs and their applied clinical uses.

He is specialist in Ayurvedic Medicines and working as a Consultant Holistic , Herbal and Ayurvedic Practitioner.
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Testimonials of AYUR- SUDHA 's Patients

I was told about this Ayurvedic Centre and panchkarma when i was in AYUR SUDHA. I am so happy I came here. It was a truly relaxing and inspired time here I had Disc Problem and lower back ache and it got almost Therapist were very kind and hard working especially Smita, Kamla and Rashmi. Potali swed was very good and invigorating and I lose 6 kg weight with thier perscribed diet. The Doctor was kind and , so thank you for the relaxing and inspiring time. Wish you good health and patience. Thank you for your kindness.
..... Sofia 35F , Helsinki ,Finland


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Ayur-Sudha is the Best Skin Hospital in Jalandhar, India. Dr. Dutta is one of the Top Skin Specialist in Punjab. Our Skin Care Ayurvedic Products are made for natural herbs. Herbal remedies are spreading worldwide. Natural Health products are usually safe for all ages. Our team of Ayurvedic Doctors is always here to help for All Chronic health problems.

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