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It is the most common skin condition characterized by pimples on the face , back upper chest . It occurs when the pores of the skin clogged with oil, dead skin or bacteria. In Ayurveda it is called Yuvaan Pidika. The Vata and Kapha caused distortion of the blood or Rakt dhatu causes excessive secretions of the gland and clogging. read more

Breast Development

Breast Development

Females with small breasts usually feels embarrassment and shy, but there is nothing biologically wrong if female have any other problems associated with the size. Sometimes Hormonal and other factors may cause underdeveloped breasts. If a female wants to have large breast size then Ayurveda has a right answer for small breasts. read more

Vagina Tightening

Vagina Tightening

Sexual activities are important for both men and women. Female partner also needs enjoy during intercourse, if vagina is loose then it is very difficult to get pleasure during sexual activities. read more

Ayurvedic Infertility Treatment


Male infertility is a condition in which a male has inability to achieve pregnancy in a fertile female. Male infertility is commonly due to absence of the factors in semen that are necessary for the fertility . The diagnosis is made by the semen analysis. read more

Ayurvedic Hair Problem

Hair Problem

At any time, it may be normal for a person to lose as many as 50 hairs a day and these usually show up on a comb or brush or at the bottom of the bathtub or sink especially after washing your hair. Hair grows at 1 to 2 cm a month. read more

Ayurvedic Kidney Disorder Treatmnet

Kidney Disorder

Kidneys are vital organs that perform many functions to keep your blood clean and chemically balanced. The kidneys remove wastes and extra water from the blood to form urine. Urine flows from the kidneys to the bladder through the ureters. read more

Female Problems

Female Problems

Females with small breasts usually feels embarrassment and shy , but there is nothing biologically wrong if female have any other problems associated with the size. Sometimes Hormonal and other factors may cause underdeveloped breasts. read more

Male Problems

Male Problems

Although a man has a strong desire to perform sexual act with a cooperative partner, but he can't perform sexual act because of looseness (absence of erection) of his ling (penis). read more

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The AYUR SUDHA – Super Speciality Ayurveda Centre is founded with the objective of providing healing through the ancient science of Ayurveda (science of life).

Das Vidh Pariksha


Ten (Dash) fold (Bidha) Examination (Pariksha) : This ten-fold Ayurvedic diagnosis of the patient involves body constitution, pathological state, tissue vitality, physical build, body measurement, adaptability, and psychic constitution, capacities for digestion & exercise and age.

1. Body constitution (Prakruti)
The prakruti includes the inherited and mental characteristics of an individual. These characteristics of an individual are assessed through the tridoshas and trigunas. The prakruti represents the proportion of the three doshas and three gunas. It has been determined by relative predominance of doshas during foetal development the prakriti can be any of vatika, paittika, kaphaja, vata paittika, vata kaphaja, pitta kaphaja or samdoshaja.

2. Pathological State (Vikruti)
It’s the degree to which an individual has deviated from the original proportion of the three doshas. Related to the biological history of the diseases in its entirety, It helps the physicians to consider the signs and symptoms of the disease to assess the strength of disease, causes, doshas, body constitution, affected body elements, time and capacity of an individual. Observing the dhatus, malas, function, structure, intellect and emotions of the individual can assess the pathological state of an individual.

3. Tissue Vitality (Sara)
Broadly speaking, there are seven vital tissues, namely lymph (rasa), blood (rakta), muscle (mamsa), adipose (meda), bone (asthi), bone marrow (majja) and reproductive tissue (sukra).
Lymph in the skin is assessed by its smoothness, softness, clearness, thinness and whether the skin is covered with short, deep rooted and delicate hair.

Percentage of blood in body is evaluated from the condition of the eyes, mouth, tongue, lips, nails and soles of the feet.

When muscles are in perfect condition, the temples, forehead, nape of the neck, shoulders, belly, arms, chest, joints of the body, jaws and cheeks are covered firmly with the skin.

People with healthy adipose tissue have oily skin and healthy hair, nails, voice and teeth. The health of bones is determined by pliable but firm forearms, chin, nails, teeth, ankles, knees and other joints of the body.

Healthy bone marrow leads to good complexion and stout, long, round & stable joints. Those in whom the semen is perfectly healthy, are strong and cheerful.

4. Physical Body Build (Samhanana)
The physical body examination is carried out by direct observation–a healthy body being well built with symmetrical bones, strong & stable joints and enough flesh & blood. The body build is the solidity and overall physique of the body frame. The more compact body usually indicates strong immune system.

5. Body Measurement (Pramana)
The body measurement refers to the ratio of the height to the outstretched arms and it should measure the same. The well-proportioned frame tends to have a superior health capacity and better diagnosis. In Ayurveda, body measurement is given in terms of fingerbreadth and any person in close proximity to the ideal measurements is termed as normal and healthy. 

6. Adaptability (Satmya)
It indicatins the capacity of an individual to adjust to both unsettled physical and mental conditions and to maintain a balance. It refers to two types of people - those that are strong, adjust easily to difficulties and have excellent digestive capacity and those that are generally weak, intolerant to change.

7. Psychic Constitution (Satwa)
The psychic constitution (Satwa) refers to the mind which controls the body in contact with the soul (atma). It usually refers to the ability of the mind to tolerate and withstand such as pain, physical and mental discomfort. Depending on degree of mental strength, it is considered to be high, moderate or low. The capacity of an individual to remain even-minded and calm is a sign of emotional balance and a strong and healthy intellect.

8. Digestive Capacity (Ahara Sakti)
Every individual have the different digestive power. The digestive capacity refers to the assessment of the individual’s capacity to ingest, digest and assimilate food. It is assessed by the virtue of appetite and also its sharpness and strong ness. The other feature of assessment is the quantity of food consumed. The balance or optimum Ahara Shakti of an individual helps in faster recovery from the diseases and imbalances.

9 Physical strength (Vyayama Shakti)
The physical strength means the capacity of the individual to be physically exerted and is measured by assessing the powers of stamina. Assessed by capacity for hard work, it is either low, moderate or high. It is a good measure of certain metabolic measures that create strength and stamina.

10. Rate of aging (Vaya)
For convenience it is categorized into childhood, middle age and old age; it provides vital clues for the diagnosis & treatment and is a must consideration in clinical examinations.




Our mission at Ayur Sudha is to develop the best world standards in Ayurveda practice and make them available to our patients. To identify the strength and limitation of Ayurveda Medical Science; explaining them to the patients. To practice highest standards of ethics and conduct in medical practice. Everything we do reflects our mission and the values. We value integrity, honesty, dedication, commitment and accountability.

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Dr. Amit Dutta

Dr. Amit Dutta  is the Director & Chief Ayurvedic Consultant of AYUR SUDHA- SUPER SPECIALITY AYURVEDA CENTRE -  belongs to a family of traditional Ayurvedic and Herbal Practitioners. He has vast knowledge of herbs and their applied clinical uses.

He is specialist in Ayurvedic Medicines and working as a Consultant Holistic , Herbal and Ayurvedic Practitioner.
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I love Indian herbs and like to know about home remedies. I thank Dr. Amit Dutta for updating my knowlwdge. Best regards and happy new year.
..... Natalia Cantas , Russia, Moscow, Leninsky Avenue


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