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It is the most common skin condition characterized by pimples on the face , back upper chest . It occurs when the pores of the skin clogged with oil, dead skin or bacteria. In Ayurveda it is called Yuvaan Pidika. The Vata and Kapha caused distortion of the blood or Rakt dhatu causes excessive secretions of the gland and clogging. read more

Breast Development

Breast Development

Females with small breasts usually feels embarrassment and shy, but there is nothing biologically wrong if female have any other problems associated with the size. Sometimes Hormonal and other factors may cause underdeveloped breasts. If a female wants to have large breast size then Ayurveda has a right answer for small breasts. read more

Vagina Tightening

Vagina Tightening

Sexual activities are important for both men and women. Female partner also needs enjoy during intercourse, if vagina is loose then it is very difficult to get pleasure during sexual activities. read more

Ayurvedic Infertility Treatment


Male infertility is a condition in which a male has inability to achieve pregnancy in a fertile female. Male infertility is commonly due to absence of the factors in semen that are necessary for the fertility . The diagnosis is made by the semen analysis. read more

Ayurvedic Hair Problem

Hair Problem

At any time, it may be normal for a person to lose as many as 50 hairs a day and these usually show up on a comb or brush or at the bottom of the bathtub or sink especially after washing your hair. Hair grows at 1 to 2 cm a month. read more

Ayurvedic Kidney Disorder Treatmnet

Kidney Disorder

Kidneys are vital organs that perform many functions to keep your blood clean and chemically balanced. The kidneys remove wastes and extra water from the blood to form urine. Urine flows from the kidneys to the bladder through the ureters. read more

Female Problems

Female Problems

Females with small breasts usually feels embarrassment and shy , but there is nothing biologically wrong if female have any other problems associated with the size. Sometimes Hormonal and other factors may cause underdeveloped breasts. read more

Male Problems

Male Problems

Although a man has a strong desire to perform sexual act with a cooperative partner, but he can't perform sexual act because of looseness (absence of erection) of his ling (penis). read more

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The AYUR SUDHA – Super Speciality Ayurveda Centre is founded with the objective of providing healing through the ancient science of Ayurveda (science of life).



The word dhatu comes from the root DHA meaning basis or foundation. The purpose of metabolism is to create proper dhatus together with the intelligence with which they carry out their role as the field of physiological activity. Dhatus are created through the action of catalysts that convert one tissue to another. In this way, progressively refined tissues are created from their grosser precursors. The catalyst for this is another type of agni, a dhatu-agni or metabolic fire. According to Ayurveda dhatus are the basic tissues, which maintain and nourish the body in other words it can be defined as one, which supports the body. There are mainly seven types of dhatu according to Ayurveda. The seven dhatus are composed of five mahabhutas. These dhatus remain inside the human body in a proper equilibrium so that the body can function properly but any disturbance in their equilibrium causes disease.

Dhatus are the main constitution of the body. According to Ayurveda there are seven tissue systems (dhatus) in the human body. These dhatus are responsible for keeping the body in a shape while providing support to the body as well as the mind. The word dhatu is derived from the Sanskrit word dha that means “to put or place”. They are known as the root principles of the body. Each tissue is controlled by one of the three elements. It is considered as the element that constructs the body. These elements form the pillars of the body that further forms the basis of nourishment and growth. The dhatus take different forms in the human body in order to maintain life.

These seven tissues (dhatus) are :
 Rasa dhatu (fluid/Plasma)
 Rakta dhatu (blood)
 Masma dhatu (muscle)
 Meda dhatu (fat)
 Ashti dhatu (bone)
 Majja dhatu (Bone marrow)
 Shukra dhatu (reproductive fluid or semen)

The rasa dhatu is derived from the digested food. It provides nourishment to each and every cell and tissue of the body. It is considered as similar to plasma.

The rakta dhatu is considered as the basis of life. It provides vitality and colour to the body. It is similar to the circulating blood cells. The masma dhatu is derived form the blood and is responsible for providing physical strength to the body. Meda dhatu is derived from the muscle or masma dhatu. It consists of adipose tissue, provides energy and lubricates the body. Ashti dhatu consists of bones tissues including the cartilages. Its main function is to provide support to the muscle tissues. Majja dhatu denoted the tissue of yellow and red bone marrow. Its main function is to provide viscidity to the body. The shukra dhatu is derived from the core of majja. The main function of this reproductive tissue is to help in the process of reproduction, provided satisfaction and strengthens the body.

According to the concept of Ayurveda shukra is the most important dhatu among all the others. It states that one needs a hundred drops of blood to produce one drop of semen. It is the soul of all the other body tissues as it has the capacity of producing new life.

Each dhatu is developed from the layer of previous tissue, starting from the rasa (fluid) dhatu. If the first layer is unhealthy, all the other layers get infected causing various health problems. Each organ and body systems are made up of the tissues or dhatus. Each dhatu has its own metabolism or Agni. The metabolism of rasa dhatus converts the digested food into the energy. Every dhatu acts as a precursor of the next dhatu. Fluid or plasma is transformed into blood, blood prepares muscles, muscles produces fat, fat is further used to make bones, bones forms marrow and marrow ultimately produces semen and reproductive system.

Dhatus are responsible for the immune mechanism of the human body. In case of wasting of dhatus, the body construction collapses leading to the end of life. Any kind of imbalance in the tridoshas affects the dhatus as doshas influenced the dhatus. This imbalance results in many disorders in different dhatus.

Rakta dhatu - loss of luster and cracks.
Masma dhatu – joints cracking and eye problems.
Meda dhatu – hair problem, loose joints, thin body constitution and teeth and nail problems.
Asthi dhatu – dry mouth, general weakness, bone diseases, lightness and thinness.
Majja dhatu – lassitude.
Shukra dhatu- impotence, non- ejaculation of semen and exertion.

Ayurveda uses various therapies to balance the seven tissues by reducing the excessive elements and increasing the deficient ones. These can be balanced by the use of herbs, natural foods and variations in lifestyle.




Our mission at Ayur Sudha is to develop the best world standards in Ayurveda practice and make them available to our patients. To identify the strength and limitation of Ayurveda Medical Science; explaining them to the patients. To practice highest standards of ethics and conduct in medical practice. Everything we do reflects our mission and the values. We value integrity, honesty, dedication, commitment and accountability.

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Dr. Amit Dutta

Dr. Amit Dutta  is the Director & Chief Ayurvedic Consultant of AYUR SUDHA- SUPER SPECIALITY AYURVEDA CENTRE -  belongs to a family of traditional Ayurvedic and Herbal Practitioners. He has vast knowledge of herbs and their applied clinical uses.

He is specialist in Ayurvedic Medicines and working as a Consultant Holistic , Herbal and Ayurvedic Practitioner.
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“My doctors had advised me to take insulin regularly, as I was just not able to control my sugar levels. With Ayur Sudha's customized Ayurvedic treatment and diet plan and Panckakarma therapies, I managed to lose over seven kilos and have controlled my sugar as well. Thankfully, I was saved from Insulin addiction"
..... Rajinder Kumar, Delhi


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