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It is the most common skin condition characterized by pimples on the face , back upper chest . It occurs when the pores of the skin clogged with oil, dead skin or bacteria. In Ayurveda it is called Yuvaan Pidika. The Vata and Kapha caused distortion of the blood or Rakt dhatu causes excessive secretions of the gland and clogging. read more

Breast Development

Breast Development

Females with small breasts usually feels embarrassment and shy, but there is nothing biologically wrong if female have any other problems associated with the size. Sometimes Hormonal and other factors may cause underdeveloped breasts. If a female wants to have large breast size then Ayurveda has a right answer for small breasts. read more

Vagina Tightening

Vagina Tightening

Sexual activities are important for both men and women. Female partner also needs enjoy during intercourse, if vagina is loose then it is very difficult to get pleasure during sexual activities. read more

Ayurvedic Infertility Treatment


Male infertility is a condition in which a male has inability to achieve pregnancy in a fertile female. Male infertility is commonly due to absence of the factors in semen that are necessary for the fertility . The diagnosis is made by the semen analysis. read more

Ayurvedic Hair Problem

Hair Problem

At any time, it may be normal for a person to lose as many as 50 hairs a day and these usually show up on a comb or brush or at the bottom of the bathtub or sink especially after washing your hair. Hair grows at 1 to 2 cm a month. read more

Ayurvedic Kidney Disorder Treatmnet

Kidney Disorder

Kidneys are vital organs that perform many functions to keep your blood clean and chemically balanced. The kidneys remove wastes and extra water from the blood to form urine. Urine flows from the kidneys to the bladder through the ureters. read more

Female Problems

Female Problems

Females with small breasts usually feels embarrassment and shy , but there is nothing biologically wrong if female have any other problems associated with the size. Sometimes Hormonal and other factors may cause underdeveloped breasts. read more

Male Problems

Male Problems

Although a man has a strong desire to perform sexual act with a cooperative partner, but he can't perform sexual act because of looseness (absence of erection) of his ling (penis). read more

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The AYUR SUDHA – Super Speciality Ayurveda Centre is founded with the objective of providing healing through the ancient science of Ayurveda (science of life).



Agni is the biological fire that governs the process of metabolism in the body. It powers the transformation of one substance into another. Agni encompasses all the changes in the body and mind from the dense to the subtler. Agni is found in the alimentary canal and digests food. The main function of Agni is the promotion of process of digestion. Therefore, the digestive abilities are related to the strength of Agni. Maximum number of diseases is directly or indirectly related to the improper functioning of Agni. It is responsible for neutralizing toxins, bacteria and viruses that hinders with the functioning of immune system.

Types Of Agni
There are around thirteen forms of Agni in the body that are responsible for digestion. The most important is jatharagni that works at the gastrointestinal level and the main function is to separate the nutrients and waste from the ingested food.

There are other twelve agni- dhatagnis that are seven in number and the bhutagnis that are five in number. These twelve agnis are related to the dhatus and the panchamahabhootas.

The seven dhatagnis metabolizes and regulates the physiological processes of the seven dhatus. It is a biochemical process that includes the anabolic and catabolic activities of the body.

The five bhutagnis metabolizes the panchamahabhootas present in the dhatus of the body. The bhutagnis are a form of heat that is always present in tissues and is responsible for the proper functioning and development of the tissues. They also help in the regulation of digestion and assimilation of the panchamahabhootas present in the ingested food.

Another Classification
Agnis are further classified into four categories depending on the way of their manifestation in the human beings.

 Tiksnagni (sharp) : It is produced by the pitta dosha. The people with excess of tiksnagni are more prone towards inflammation and acidity. It implies strong digestion, circulation and immunity. In case of excess of tiksnagni impurities gets accumulated in the rasa and rakta dhatus.

 Mandagni (mild) : It is produced by the kapha dosha. In people with mandagni there is slow circulation and excess of secretions are formed. It shows symptoms like slow digestion, low appetite, cravings for heavy or sweet foods and a tendency to carry excess body weight.

 Visamagni (irregular) : It is produced by vata dosha. People with visamagni often have intestinal bloating, gastritis, constipation and abdominal disorders. It also weakens the immune system with regard to nervous system, bones and upper respiratory tract. It can promote irregular appetite, with intense periods of hunger alternating with lack of interest in food.

 Samagni (regular and balanced) : It is produces by the normal digestion of the three doshas. It usually occurs in individuals who are well balanced; eat balanced diet, rest and exercise sufficiently. People with samagni have normal appetite, satisfaction, normal bowel movements and emotional stability.

Therefore, a balanced Agni is vital for good health. In every tissue and cell Agni is present and is necessary for maintaining the nutrition and autoimmune mechanism. Healthy Agni results in good digestion process, proper elimination, proper tissue formation, strong immune system, high energy levels, good circulation and pleasant body odour and breath.




Our mission at Ayur Sudha is to develop the best world standards in Ayurveda practice and make them available to our patients. To identify the strength and limitation of Ayurveda Medical Science; explaining them to the patients. To practice highest standards of ethics and conduct in medical practice. Everything we do reflects our mission and the values. We value integrity, honesty, dedication, commitment and accountability.

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Dr. Amit Dutta

Dr. Amit Dutta  is the Director & Chief Ayurvedic Consultant of AYUR SUDHA- SUPER SPECIALITY AYURVEDA CENTRE -  belongs to a family of traditional Ayurvedic and Herbal Practitioners. He has vast knowledge of herbs and their applied clinical uses.

He is specialist in Ayurvedic Medicines and working as a Consultant Holistic , Herbal and Ayurvedic Practitioner.
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"Thank you all very much We really had a good time at this place all the staff treated us really professional and friendly.Today we are leaving and we feel really healthy and full of energy. Thanks to the good advice of the doctor, the great treatment, Panchakarma, yoga and beautiful peaceful environment. This place and the people will have a special place in our hearts.We are very grateful.
..... Ivana and Lawren , London


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Ayur-Sudha is the Best Skin Hospital in Jalandhar, India. Dr. Dutta is one of the Top Skin Specialist in Punjab. Our Skin Care Ayurvedic Products are made for natural herbs. Herbal remedies are spreading worldwide. Natural Health products are usually safe for all ages. Our team of Ayurvedic Doctors is always here to help for All Chronic health problems.

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